Top Tips for running a Successful Salon:


1. Surround yourself with positive people and keep negativity out of your life – it is amazing how much money you can earn when you love what you do.

2. Under promise and over deliver with your clients.

3. Be organised.

4. Take pride in your appearance and in the appearance of your salon.

5. Compliment people, staff and clients sincerely.

6. Treat everyone who walks in your door as a potential client.

7. Don’t worry about lack of money – instead work on making money.

8. Be open to new and innovative ideas.

9. Be completely honest and ethical in every dealing you have.

10. Take time to relax and recharge your batteries.

How to spot great therapists when hiring staff:

1. They smile and have a sense of humour.

2. They are naturally friendly and are always polite.

3. They wear your company uniform with pride and perfection.

4. They ask clients what they want and take their budget into consideration.

5. They offer an opinion and give recommendations.

6. And, most importantly, they ask for the sale!

How to motivate top therapists

1. Be motivated yourself

2. Select people who are highly motivated

3. Set realistic and challenging targets

4. Remember that progress motivates

5. Provide fair rewards

6. Give praise and recognition when it is due

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