Junda Morris-kennedy  a  passionate and hardworking Liberian  is a fashion icon that is ready to take the world of fashion to greater heights  as she is ready to partner with different nations to promote the industry ,Her experience has helped her country a great deal

In  her words MRS JUNDA MORRIS-KENNEDY – mentioned that Liberia’s fashion industry is far behind its African counterparts, but we are working to change the situation. At least, we are now seeing some level of success in the industry, and that is good. We are getting there gradually

JUNDA MORRIS-KENNEDY – has been appointed as the NEW LIBERIA FASHION AMBASSADOR  and she also the founder of  RUNWAY LIBERIA  Mrs. Junda Morris-Kennedy has pioneered the Liberian Fashion

work has brought to the forefront of the Liberian Fashion Industry and to the world of fashion. she is an international fashion/entertainment publicist, her company JMK Publicist (a subsidiary of U.S. Ohio Registered business JMK Production LLC).

JMK Publicist has represented Liberian Fashion Practitioners all over the world with Liberia’s  Tailors, Textiles, and Garment through the Allied Workers’ Union Inc, the official Republic of Liberia governing body of the Liberian Fashion Industry.

she has gained international recognition and awards and fortunately to built her reputation as a successful fashion event planner on the international stage globally. Having a phone conversation with Mrs. Junda, I realize she’s very passionate about fashion most especially promoting her country Liberia and Liberians who into the fashion business with no exposure to climbing the ladder.

Last year she introduced the IT NAIL COMPETITION IN NIGERIA this was the maiden edition and it was a great success this year edition promises to be greater as the professional association of spa and cosmetologists will be partnering with her organization