As a pioneer of skincare hyper-personalisation, Biologique Recherche has been providing superlative spa services for more than 40 years.

With a comprehensive portfolio of more than 100 products for face, body and hair, the luxury brand excels at creating highly customised and results-driven products that focus on reconditioning the epidermis. Suitable for even sensitive skin, Biologique Recherche products are cold-formulated in a French laboratory using no artificial fragrances. The resulting spa treatments ensure that aestheticians can create a truly unique skincare routine that is precisely tailored to each individual.

The brand’s ever-expanding global portfolio of spa partners means Biologique Recherche is currently present in more than 85 countries around the world and its enduring reputation has been built on an unwavering dedication to excellence.


European Spa spoke to R&D manager Laure Bouscharain about the brand’s ethos and the launch of its new Toleskin collection.

Tell us about the vision behind Biologique Recherche’s products

Taking a combined medical and scientific approach, our product creation is based on complex research and the exact adaptation of our treatments, which offer spa guests a dynamic and hyper-personalised vision of the skin.

Since our products are highly concentrated, each is accompanied by an expert recommendation. We help spas to connect in a deep and meaningful way with their clients and our therapists only recommend products based on the real needs of the skin, backed by science.

What does your new Toleskin range offer spas and their clients?

At the cutting-edge of its skin biology expertise, Biologique Recherche has invented the Toleskin range to combat cutaneous sensitivity or intolerance. This is linked to how our skin reacts to internal or external stress factors. The intensity of their inflammatory responses to various stimuli determines whether each person has sensitive or intolerant skin.

A healthy epidermis may enter crisis conditions as a result of either internal or external factors; sensitivity to external stress stimuli can generate daily discomfort that is difficult to reduce. Such a condition is often caused by genetic predispositions and can be aggravated by external factors, such as allergies, as well as reacting very intensely to quite common situations. For example, simply taking a shower may cause temporary redness and discomfort. “We’re constantly listening to our customers and evolving into Safe-Touch treatments.”

How does the collection work?

Our new range is a combination of four unique ‘in and out’ products, specifically developed for epidermisesthat can no longer tolerate any cosmetic products. Such intolerance is often due to a number of combined factors, such as an impaired skin barrier, an unbalanced microbiome or a disproportionate inflammatory response.

Our Toleskin products act on three core areas to rebalance the skin microbiome, restore the cutaneous barrier and reduce the inflammation. They rebalance the skin microbiota by limiting the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus in the case of atopic dermatitis. They then restore its barrier by increasing the production of filaggrin, a protein found in the skin, which contributes to the formation of the cell envelope of the stratum corneum. Finally, they reduce redness and itching. Each Toleskin product contains ultra-purified formulas with no preservatives, and is manufactured in a sterile environment as well as being tested under dermatological control.

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