Kikelomo Opatola. From West Africa – Nigeria, is a practicing Derma epidemiologist founded Woorergold CLOUD, a SKIN HEALTHCARE THERAPEUTIC CENTRE in 2013. She is President of the Skintitute Academy and doubles on her role as Convener , Skintervention Nigeria  Conference, a decade long campaign to eradicate poor skin care culture and practices in Nigeria has helped bring to a shared spotlight of education and public debate the most popular skin health topics that have left the nation surfing the net on their laptops and phones in search of answers which has spur out her passion to publishing the SKIN BEAUTY MAGAZINE

Kikelomo brings a rare combination of professional skills honed from her days in GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals as a dermatological detailing Manager . A position which provided her crucial insights and informed heavily on the direction her skin healthcare campaign is forging. Kike’s  vast entrepreneurial experience spanning over 2 decades in the spa business has made her brand a household name and a pride of Africa
As a matter of interest and focus, she takes her experience and ideas forward with a heavy bet on science,instincts of an entrepreneur and technology to stem the gap in the unhealthy practice and abuse of skin. Project Management is her first love and kike is highly regarded by family and friends as a born marketer .Her Master Degree programmes in Public Health and Occupational Safety. and Health Management is a plus in achieving the desired goal of the skintitute Academy


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